Battle of the Burgers was not just created for burgers. Yes, we love mouth-watering, beefy burgers smothered in all sorts of cheesy goodness, but keep in mind that every bite supports Embraced.  For every ticket sold, Embraced is able to give medical equipmet to 5 individuals in need.

Our mission is to provide assistive mobility and prosthetic devices to individuals in need both locally and globally.

Embraced is a 501 (c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide assistive mobility equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, etc.) to individuals in need.

Embraced sets up collection bins in doctors’ offices, gyms, schools, and other places that collect gently-used assistive mobility equipment. We then share this equipment with individuals in need both locally and globally.

Located in Atlanta, GA, Embraced is mobilizing this equipment into the hands and lives of people without and who need it most. Embraced works both locally and globally – with 70% impacting local Atlanta residents.


Of course, Embraced is in need of many things. Should you want to give more, here is a wish list:

  • Great volunteers for events and/or operations
  • New collection locations
  • Donations of products (medical equipment, like crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs)
  • Individuals who want to become more affiliated with Embraced via advisory board/board consel
  • Monetary donations so we can continue collecting and sharing supplies with individuals in need.

Please contact us to get involved and to make a donation!

Phone: (404) 259-8522
Email: Raul@embracedatlanta.org

Please visit www.embracedatlanta.org for more information.

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